The Will Sherman Art Show

FEATURED ARTIST: Steven T.Petrosky
Steven T.Petrosky Steve has had a love of automobiles all his life. Growing up, he often could be found at his family’s AMC/Jeep dealership “racing” the cars on the showroom floor. During these years he about cars, how and why they worked, and how they were designed and built. Cars were the natural subject for this budding artist to draw. And draw he did. . . through grade school, high school, college. . . and it continues today. His versatile style reflects a knowledge of the automobile that permits him to work at numerous levels of detail. But the speed, color and motion of racing cars are often subjects of his paintings.

Steve’s automotive art is balanced with his commercial art done solely on computer. His client list includes Apex Awards, The Kroger Company, Superior Label Systems, W/S Packaging, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Panoz Motorsports and Doran Racing.

You can see Steve’s entire portfolio at his website www.driversroad.com. Steve lives in a suburb of Cincinnati with his wife Nancy, and is in the final stages of restoring a 1958 MGA.

        Craig and Pam Booth make one of a kind auto art in clay, kiln fired 3 times with 14k gold for the chrome, Craig makes the car and Pam makes the people, we have been doing thisfor over 30 years. Sometimes the most fun and engaging forms of art won’t be found on a flat piece of canvas. Thinking outside of the frame is a daily ritual for us. Pam is a trained sculptor and Craig is a potter. Craig made his first automotive pieces and took them to Hershey and everyone of them sold It is an exciting way to combine his love of cars, clay and art.

Bob Colaizzi graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1958 as a design major and spent most of his professional life as owner of ICON, a national annual report design and branding firm. Following retirement he designed art deco furniture then focused on automotive art. His style is based on a life-long interest in realistic drawing. The drawing base can still be seen in his finished work. The color rendering is created digitally. Many of the subjects in his work are vintage race cars, as Bob has been a vintage racer for 30 years. Please visit the website he shares with his design partner/son, Tony. www.colaizzidesign,com Work sample: Ferrari Tubo Scocca that ran in the Vintage Mille Miglia

Ryan Slattery has been building uniquely hand-crafted stainless steel sculptures and furniture for the last 14 years. Using TIG welding he forms scrap stainless steel pieces into mosaic "type" sculptures, creating tables, animal forms or detailed wall hangings. He then incorporates unique grind patterns and polishes the welds to a smooth finish enabling the object to become one flowing piece. Recently Ryan has added heat to release the colors hidden in the metal, further accentuating their custom designs.

Charlie Maher was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but grew up in Miami, Florida and began his automotive journey at the wheel of a 1955 Chevy Bel-Aire followed by a Chrysler 300, the family cars. He attended the University of Notre Dame and received a bachelor's degree in Fine Art in 1968.

He has been an independent artist since 1988, but first worked as a designer for Ford Motor Company. After his time with Ford he worked 14 years with a graphics firm in Detroit designing production car graphics for Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota as well as projects such as pace car graphics for the Indianapolis 500 and the Long Beach Grand Prix. He also contributed on the Bricklin Automobile program.

Charlie has participated in the Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance at Ault Park for more than 25 years and he continues to look forward to enduring friendships that have blossomed as a result of this outstanding event. Thank you Cincinnati.

Gerald Freeman studied engineering and art in England. Owned Artra Studio in London, England in the late1950's early 1960's producing technical manuals, product and advertising design work. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1964 to San Francisco and was employed as a consultant to F.M.C. corporation to design a hydrofoil to be used in San Francisco Bay.

He relocated to Michigan in 1967 after a short stay in N.Y. Owned a studio in Troy, Mi. called Gerald Freeman & Associates. Clients included Tonka Toys, 3 M and high tech auto related companies before deciding to apply himself to automotive fine art. His work today is mostly oil or acrylic on canvas. He was privileged to do many posters including the last Meadow Brook poster in 2010 as well as last year's poster for CCCA at Hickory Corners. Today most of his work is by commission. He does not limit myself to just automobile art. His marine art has also been very successful.

Michael Goettner originally from Germany, and now in Sylvania, Ohio, studied art and design at Ferris State University. Upon graduation, he entered the military and served with the U.S. Army First Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam, where he also served as a part time combat artist.

Michael pursued two career paths, (industrial design, and fine art). He ultimately became the design manager with Owens-Illinois, Inc., the world’s leading container company. Michael is a former member of the Industrial Designer’s Society of America, and is the recipient of 50 design patents. His design career went beyond containers, however, with after market ground effects, and wing designs for Corvettes. They were published in Motor Trend Magazine.

The fine art career began with private commissions, and illustrations for ad agencies, and clients such as the Dana Corporation, and Kenworth Trucks. His art has been exhibited, or hangs in locations around the world including Automobili Lamborghini in Italy, the Pole Position Gallery in Paris, and the Auburn-Cord- Duesenberg Museum. His work has appeared in publications including Automobile Quarterly, and Auto Aficionado. Exhibitions include most concours d’elegance venues across America, as well as fine art exhibitions.