Welcome Reception

Sponsored by
Margaret & Michael Valentine

Photos by Gary Kessler

Countryside Tour

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Photos by Gary Kessler

Hangar Party

Sponsored by
MOTA & The BMW Store

Hosted by Executive Jet Management

Photos by Gary Kessler & Marc Figgins

Around the Concours

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Photos by Gary Kessler, Marc Figgins, Rob Kumler, Scott Tengen, Wilma Kumler, Donny Wang, Cameron Scott, Holden Mathis & Craig Weiglein

Concours at the Pavilion

Craft Beer Garden

Sponsored by
Primetime Event Rentals

Photo by Marc Figgins & James Stapleton

Brunch at the Pavilion

Sponsored by
Porsche Cincinnati Kings & Premier Park Events

Photos by Marc Figgins

Will Sherman Automotive Art Show

Sponsored by
Krombholz Jewelers

Photos by Gary Kessler