Exhibitor Information

Car and motorcycle exhibitors accepted for the 2024 Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance are strongly encouraged to read the “Exhibitor’s Guide” for important information regarding day-of-show schedule, registration, trailer parking, field instructions, etc.

Custom Vehicle Display Sign
Please consider donating $25/accepted vehicle to offset the cost of the car signs.
Car Signs are yours to keep at the completion of the show.

The “Park Map for Exhibitors” shows the location of classes, restrooms, Exhibitor Hospitality, Brunch at the Pavilion, and other events on day-of-show. Note that show fields are color-coded, to match the cover sheet of the registration packet received when entering Ault Park on day-of-show. This cover sheet will also indicate which entry gate is to be used to enter the show area.

Exhibitors are encouraged to consider becoming a 2023 Patron for a Cure, combining a VIP ticket package with a charitable donation.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] or call 513-321-1951.